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Khushroo Anita, a 35-year-old Parsi, often dates women outside his faith when he travels for work. Khursheed Narang, left, and Meyer Amersey founded the Association of Inter-Married Zoroastrians 20 years ago. A sign outside a Mumbai fire temple limits entry to “Parsees only.” Under current rules, this excludes children who have Parsi mothers but fathers of other faiths. They’ve both finished school, established careers and grown eager to start families.His parents hope he will marry a Parsi woman, so he keeps these relationships secret at home. Now, they connect interfaith couples with Zoroastrian priests willing to perform weddings and initiation rituals for their children. But even in a city of 18 million, they’re struggling to find spouses.

Their Zoroastrian faith forbids converts, so many ascribe the population decline—at least in part—to increasingly common marriages between Parsis and people of other faiths.With features supporting businesses, e-dating and fun at large, Aapro is as diverse as the culture that it represents – so c’mon dikras and dikris, get your fingers clicking and download Aapro!We Parsis and Iranis are not supposed to marry outside the community, to preserve our ethnic identity, and we also believe that our religion is tied to our ethnic identity and that intermarriage to the vast billion-plus majority around it invariably destroys any small community (ask any anthropologist).We are Parsis today only because our parents and grand parents married fellow Parsis.

Have a look at this great post by one of our Parsi priests.As such, young Zoroastrians are facing dual pressures: finding an acceptable spouse in order to sustain the religion and preserve their culture.