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06-Oct-2017 20:37

Unfortunately, this is not the case for about 70 percent of college students today.

Student loan debt can have a lasting impact on the finances of these students and families.

modifies restrictions on foreign title insurers; 18 . addresses grace periods for accident and health insurance policies; 20 . addresses a written agreement related to a voluntary surrender of a license; 25 .

modifies provisions related to individuals, group, or blanket accident and health 21 insurance coverage; 22 . amends provisions related to continuing education; 26 .

Venue for a suit to recover an amount claimed by the state to be due on a surety bond is in Travis County.(f) Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, the governing board of each institution may maintain unsecured deposits in a foreign bank as necessary to support the institution's academic and research operations in the foreign country in which the bank is located, provided that no appropriated or tuition funds other than those collected from students enrolled in the affected programs are deposited.

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Students are seeing a widening gap between 529 plans and the cost of attendance.

addresses when a title insurance producer may do an escrow involving a real 29 property transaction; . addresses when a person may represent that the person acts in behalf of an insurer; 34 .

modifies provisions related to disbursements from escrow accounts; 31 . modifies provisions related to providing the commissioner address, telephone, and 35 email address information; 36 .

addresses verification under a nonresident jurisdictional agreement; 37 .

addresses per diem and travel expenses of public representatives on the board of 38 directors of the Utah Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association; 39 .

6 7 LONG TITLE 8 General Description: 9 This bill modifies the Insurance Code and other provisions related to the regulation of 10 insurance and insurance products. addresses fees for captive insurance companies and the cap on the Captive 16 Insurance Restricted Account; 17 .

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