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18-Jan-2018 15:23

Overall, it’s like watching a horrible accident that you can't look away from, and to think that someone was stealing from these "experts" is the type of thing that will forever confuse historians.

From what I saw, a new question is posed every few seconds. Trying to keep up with the inquiries was practically impossible, but I was on a mission to find the most WTF love advice on there, so I kept on truckin’.

He also personally wrote me to apologize about the appeals never getting responded to.

Melinda was extremely professional and explained my account banning was a combination of things that happened in a small same time frame; some being my fault, some being others.

What I learned while being on Yahoo Answers last night is it's a scary place.

We’re not joking around, we’re in pain, and it can be hard to focus or even move.

People who don’t have a uterus will never understand, but that doesn’t stop them from spreading their ignorance about menstrual cramps in some of the worst ways possible.

Check out these nine stupid Yahoo Answers questions about menstrual cramps and get ready to roll your eyes into infinity and beyond.

But, uh, we know that girlfriends can be pretty crappy to their significant other, too, right? Whether dating guys or girls, ladies can also be prone to jealousy, controlling behavior, and, well, just being awful human beings in relationships.

It’s sometimes easier to call out when it’s dudes being nasty, but let’s be real: Oodles of crappy girlfriends are also hanging around in this big ol’ world of ours. He deserves someone who isn’t considering dumping him for his looks.

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