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05-Jan-2018 23:52

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Some three years ago I wrote a blog about how to quickly verify if your clustered Hyper-V host was conforming to the list of hotfixes as maintained by the Hyper-V and Cluster teams.

The original blog and script was published by Cristian Edwards and there have been several updates to improve the script as Cristian describes in his blog.

Last April I got a tweet from Jay Weier who read my blog and informed me that he had updated the accompanying XML files for Windows Server 2012 R2 based on the official support articles. Hi Hans, While I was building out a few new Hyper-V hosts I found your script.

I downloaded and installed Docker for Windows 1.12.1 which in turn installed the docker-machine and docker-compose.

I did not install "Docker Toolbox" since its a duplicate of what was installed and my system meets the requirements.

Digesting this article will provide the necessary knowledge to properly plan a Hyper-V virtual switch and understand how it will operate in production.

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The Hyper-V virtual switch is one of the product’s steeper conceptual hurdles, but quite simple once you invest the time to learn about it.Everything seems to work fine except for docker-machine, I'm running through a tutorial and when I run various docker-machine commands like "ip" or "env" I get the following message.You don't need docker-machine to manage the Hyper-V virtual machine. If you want to see your ip use the docker for Windows GUI.That is to say, it is a software construct that operates within the active memory of a Hyper-V host that performs Ethernet frame switching functionality.

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It can use single or teamed physical network adapters to serve as uplinks to a physical switch in order to communicate with other computers on the physical network.

It provided a great framework to quickly check installation status on a number of hosts.