Teacher student dating ethics

12-Sep-2017 13:56

The power differential inherent in the faculty-student relationship means that any romantic or sexual relationship between a faculty member and a student is potentially exploitative or could at any time be perceived as exploitative.

Faculty engaged in such relationships should be sensitive to the continuous possibility that they are, or may be placed, in a position of responsibility for the student's instruction or evaluation.

The newly enacted Every Student Succeeds Act prohibits school employees from aiding another school employee in obtaining a new job if there is probable cause to believe there has been sexual misconduct with a minor or student.

If an individual is found to have engaged in sexual conduct or a romantic relationship with a student or minor, regardless of age or enrollment status in the district, the State Board for Educator Certification will permanently revoke that educator’s teaching certificate.

All of this makes them much more likely candidates for dating and relationships.However, they can also be intimidating, married, and, let’s be honest, old. They walk the fine line between equal and superior.