Excel 2016 rtd not updating

31-Dec-2017 11:05

When the add-in is installed on a computer with Excel, it extends Excel’s capabilities to bring real-time streaming data to Excel spreadsheets.Using simple formulas, such as AT_LASTPRICE() and AT_VOLUME(), Excel displays continually updating data inside spreadsheet cells.For traders seeking advanced calculation capabilities offered by Microsoft Excel, Active Tick provides excellent easy-to-use Active Tick Excel Add-in.The add-in is an additional service for all Active Tick Platform account holders, and does not cost anything extra.Simply add the following code line to achieve this.Sub Loop Fill Range() ' Fill a range by looping through cells Dim Cells Down As Long, Cells Across As Long Dim Curr Row As Long, Curr Col As Long Dim Start Time As Double Dim Curr Val As Long ' Change these values Cells Down = 500 Cells Across = 200 Cells.

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A faster way to accomplish the task is to put the value in an array, and then transfer the array to the worksheet.

Depending on how your environment is configured, some kinds of data connections are supported for workbooks displayed in a browser window, which enables you to refresh data.