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Choose a complex secret password, then share it with the persons who would you like to chat with - preferably via phone, but for paranoid security level you should meet them face-to-face and remove batteries from all cell phones during the conversation.Password and room have to be the same for the participants, username can be anything.It didn’t receive much widespread traction, though, and was removed from the app store.Rooms might not be available to any users or could be in very limited testing.People describe these apps as anonymous and private because they purportedly let people share information without overtly identifying themselves.But users beware: When was anyone ever really anonymous on a mobile phone? Most supposedly private social networking services are far from private, of course.The code shows: “Introducing rooms”, “Rooms are for public conversations about topics and interests.

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These services differ from first-generation social networks like Facebook in that they don't revolve around the user's real identity; many encourage users to stay anonymous or adopt pseudonyms.The screenshots show how users can join public rooms, chat with friends as well as strangers using the standard Messenger interface and features, how to manage a Room, and the ability to share the Room to get other people to join. The Messenger Rooms feature is reminiscent of the standalone Rooms app that Facebook launched in 2014 but shut down in 2015.