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“I had a happy marriage, ecstatically happy,” he said in a recent interview. ” Steiner hasn’t been on a date since her husband died in 1999. Since his death, Steiner says: “I never wanted to date. But she wasn’t sure it was Sharlin because he was eating and they had planned to dine together. “I thought I said meet at the cafe, but she went outside.” He may have arrived early — Sharlin says he wasn’t wearing a watch — so he decided to have a late breakfast while he waited. I think everyone around us could hear her.” Some people, he noted, commented about their walkers.“I’d just like to have a woman in my life.” Sharlin made his pitch to Steiner while she was eating breakfast. Confused, Steiner went outside and sat on a bench in front of the store. Steiner insisted hers (she calls it her Cadillac) was nicer than his, Sharlin told me.We’ll do the matches and mutual 'yeses', will receive each other's contact information by noon the following day. “She was very ‘Oh, you’re just the one for him,’ ” Steiner tells me. He has used online-dating services such as JDate and had several long-term relationships since his wife of 53 years died in 1998. I always make myself look attractive” — and arranged for Metro Access to take her from her home in Silver Spring to the Northwest D. When she arrived at the store, Steiner says, she saw an older man in the Den, the store’s cafe.Prejudice against people living with disabilities has long been an issue in India, something the country has recently tried to address through anti-discrimination legislation. Having a disability or impairment can make education and employment opportunities difficult to obtain and leads to social stigma. Pankaj is deep in conversation with Lata, who is also blind. Dateline reports on a new matchmaking industry trying to solve this problem, and follows three Mumbai locals as they navigate caste, religion and their family’s wishes. Indian man Pankaj Gaikwad is 28, works at the tax office, and is a Taylor Swift fan. For him, this has been a constant barrier to finding a partner.

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Keeping the date short relieves a bit of the pressure that exists to sustain meaningful, engaging conversation.

INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS Shawn We’re both interested in international affairs and politics and took off into deeper conversations from there. We were at a German restaurant, so we talked about Germany. Emma We both have been abroad in the past year and are passionate about making positive change.

Shawn We’re both world travelers, political science nerds, and insufferable hipsters (maybe me more than her). Shawn She’s ambitious and unabashed about her opinions. POSITIVE CHANGE Shawn Emma is bright, insightful, and compassionate.

You don’t want to “wear out” what could be a really good date and really great guy just because you run out of conversation topics after a few hours. It is always helpful to do something on a first date.

If the date seems to be going great, then make plans accordingly to spend time together again soon. This poor guy had no idea (and I certainly didn’t have the nerve to tell him) that I have an irrational aversion to bowling.

Shamefully, my thoughts were that blind dates are great for those girls I typically classify as: ones who can cling to a seemingly random guy’s arm talking sports and weather and who-knows-what the entire evening. I am a quiet twenty-something medical school student who could talk for hours about the pathogenesis of disease, but cannot “talk” football to save my life, and I most definitely could not/would not hang on the arm of a near perfect stranger.

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